Turn the Page- Florida Suspense Series

By Crista Tompkins 

Welcome to the Florida Panhandle where the Gulf is warm, the oysters are fresh and twenty-story condominiums don’t stand between you and the beach.

Appalachicola is the big town here having one stop light, one place where you can get a double espresso when you need it and three thousand people with a lot of stories to tell.

There’s Wyatt Hamilton, fine-looking sheriff of Franklin County and candidate for Hunk of the Year.  His lieutenant is Maggie Redmon, divorced, raising two kids and a pet chicken. Maggie comprises half of the county’s Criminal Investigation Division and she’s also more than a little attracted to Wyatt. 

Local shrimp and oyster kingpin, Bennett Boudreaux, is a rich man who has the street creds to be a genuine bad guy.  His large house is kept running, as it always has been, by Miss Amelia, his housekeeper. 

But the real power is in the person of Miss Evangeline, Miss Amelia’s mother and Boudreaux’s childhood governess.  With skin like paper and a will of steel, Miss Evangeline, allegedly familiar with voodoo “Juju gets what it gets,” and of indeterminate age, has likely been around longer than the Old Testament.  And Miss Evangeline packs heat in the form of a Taser.