Books You May Have Overlooked

By Crista Tompkins



Castillo, Linda.  Lots of interesting stuff here.  Amish.  Police officer boyfriends.  Trouble in tiny tourist-y Painters Mill, Ohio.

Gardner, Lisa.  If you like your detective stories rough-and-tumble, and who doesn’t, this is a great series set in Boston.

Hamilton, Steve.  An ex-minor league baseball player turns cop in Detroit only to get hurt and wind up in the Upper Peninsula.  Assorted great characters,  complex plot: doesn’t get much better than this.

Harvey, Michael.  Trouble in Chicago and lots of it.  Who could straighten everything out?  Hmm.

See, Lisa.  Whodunits set in China.  If you like her family sagas such as China Dolls, you’ll love these books.  Flower Net and The Interior are recommended.

Rosenfelt, David.  Tired of police procedurals or books with too much blood and guts?

This is the author for you – the dog is the star in this show.

Smith, Alexander McCall.  The Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency books are a treasure.  The colorful (in a good way) language is enough to keep you reading, but there’s plenty more.

Historical Fiction

Brown, Ann Belding.  Set in the days of the Revolutionary War, the author takes you into the everyday life of a minister’s wife kidnapped by Indians.  Excellent.

Chiaverini, Jennifer.  Spies and intrigue during the Civil War.

Ford, Jamie.  Growing up Chinese in San Francisco in the World War II era. 

Swarthhout, Glendon.   Many books by this author have been made into movies (i.e. They Came to Cordura), and they are page-turners for sure.

Thom, James Alexander.  The book of historical fiction to judge all others against.

Turner, Nancy E.  Arizona in the days before tourists.  Real insights into pioneer life on the desert before the turn of the century. 

Family Sagas

Diamante, Anita.  Usually covering a large span of time, you’ll enjoy her books set in the Holy Land or the U.S. 

O’Dell, Tawni.  Set in Appalachia.  Back Roads is recommended.

See, Lisa.  All stories of Chinese families and done so well.  You’ll be lost in

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan or the China Dolls series. 


Stein, Garth.  A great book, but tough to classify.  A family’s story told through the eyes of a dog.