What happens in Vegas…

By Lyndy Phillips

I’ve been a comedy magician for over 30 years. My interest in sleight of hand started around
age nine. I would order magic tricks from a magic company listed in the back of my Boy Scout
magazine, Boy’s Life. And I grew up watching Doug Henning, David Copperfield, and other
magicians on television.

Johnny Carson was a magician and loved bringing magicians on his
show, “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Occasionally, my mom and dad would let me
stay up and watch them perform.

When I was in eighth grade, my grandma decided to take a trip to Las Vegas and she wanted
my sister, who’s four years older, and me to join her. My grandma knew I loved magic and since
Vegas was the mecca for entertainment, she decided to find a magic show for us to see. She
bought three tickets to the Siegfried and Roy show, two amazing magicians who had the
number one show in Vegas at the MGM Mirage Hotel.

My grandma knew I’d love it.
But what my grandma didn’t know about Vegas was this: there are family show times and nonfamily
show times. She purchased three tickets to the Siegfried and Roy 9pm show, the nonfamily
show. And not only three tickets to the non-family show, but front row tickets.

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