Turn the Page – Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

By Crista Tompkins 

Who are these people and why are they all suspects?

It was a Saturday like any other in Saxby-on-Avon.  An ordinary day in summer 1955- except for the funeral of Mary Blakiston, known to all as simply Mrs. Blakiston, housekeeper of Pye Hall, working for Sir Magnus, local lord of the manor.  She would most likely be dressed in clothing of grays and browns with brown-going-to-gray hair held in place by hair products meant to withstand a category five hurricane. 


Mrs. Blakiston seemed to be everywhere and to know just about everything and everyone,  and so provides a motive to many in the small English village.  She was there at most events, there whether needed or not.  Neither well-liked nor openly disliked, a busybody now dead, found at the bottom of the stairs with all the doors locked and ostensibly murdered while working at Pye Hall, as she had for years.  And years.

Let’s look at a few of the suspects.

Take Robin Osborn, the vicar, for instance.  Had Mrs. Blakiston seen his papers on the table?  Had she been alone in the room long enough to read them?  The topic of the papers was perhaps a minor matter to some, but a matter his congregation would not look upon favorably.

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