Authentic British dining in North Texas

Authentic British Dining In North Texas

By Donna Long

Comfortable and relaxed, From Across the Pond serves up some of the best and most authentic British-pub style dishes, and pints of Guinness and Pimms this side of the Atlantic.  Unassuming on the outside, but when I walked through the doors thoughts of a small, century-old Yorkshire pub with exposed beams and stone steps wore thin from generations of feet crossing them flooded from the depths of my memories. I love cozy establishments that serve homemade “feel good” food, add a historic ambiance, I am in heaven. From Across the Pond does just that and does it fabulously.

Here I found my old favorites like Bangers and Mash, Shepherd’s Pie filled with chunks of vegetables and a thick, flavorful brown gravy all sealed in a flaky crust base and with a cheesy mashed potato top. Absolutely divine.

This particular day, I settled on a British Pastie. If you are not familiar with what a Pastie is, you are missing out. They are similar to a savory turnover or a kolache but made with a flaky crust brushed with melted butter and typically stuffed with a mashed potato filling of Cornish (chicken), Shepherd’s Pie, or a hearty root vegetable mix. I chose the cheese and onion stuffing and a side of Scotch Eggs.

From Across the Pond has three flavor varieties, Traditional, Chorizo, and Curried. A traditional Scotch Egg is a hard boiled egg wrapped in ground sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs, and then fried. The Curried variety had a unique Indian flair with the curry seasoning whereas the Chorizo had a distinct Tex-Mex flavor. Unable to choose just one, I did have to sample all three flavors and let me tell you, they were delicious.

Naturally, to wash down an authentic British meal, I had to try the British Beer Flight. The Flight consisted of four 5oz glasses of my choice of European draft beers, of course, one of my choices was an English Guinness. Though both are very dark chocolaty brown, English Guinness lacks the heavier hops flavor that American Guinness has. English Guinness also has distinct coffee undertones and after flavor.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find 16 craft beers on tap. Varying month to month, the craft taps are a selection of British imports, local Texas brews, and ciders. Across the Pond also makes a signature drink called the Southern Cup made with Pimms (an English staple), ginger ale, mint, orange, lemon, and cucumber. It is crisp and refreshing, perfect for a summer day.

For any other Happy Hour lovers out there, From Across the Pond has Happy Hour seven days a week. Yes, seven days a week. Just in case seven Happy Hours is not enough, they have two Happy Hour times on Friday and Saturday, one from 4 pm – 6 pm and another from 9 pm – 11 pm. They even sweeten the deal by offering $5 desserts on Friday 4 pm – 11 pm.

This little family run hole-in-the-wall located at the confluences of 820, 183, and 121 in North Richland Hills was an incredible discovery in menu selections, authentic flavors, and casual ambiance. The staff was friendly and prompt with service, both positive attributes in my book. I am looking forward to my next meal there; I think I will have to try a dish that I have not had for some years – the English Breakfast. The English Breakfast is two eggs, a couple of British sausages, homemade chips (french fries), baked beans, a stewed tomato, and sautéed mushrooms, and toast.