Fresh Perspectives: Using Sunshine to Light your Space

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Solar Garden Chandelier DIY

by Ellen M. Miller


It’s that time of the year again when we relax a bit, enjoy longer days and outdoor adventures, even if they are close to home. This summer, we’re adding some unexpected glam to an already naturally stunning outdoor space.


Adding a little sparkle, a solar garden chandelier is easily made using a thrift store fixture and inexpensive solar garden spikes. To create your own, you’ll need to gather outdoor-friendly spray paint, weatherproof caulk, clear glue (E6000) and various crystal beads.


First, begin by visiting as many thrift stores until you find the perfect piece that fits your space and style. Before getting started, make sure your chandelier is clean and remove hanging chain, if desired.


Unscrew top ring, clip off the top wire and screw ring back on. Depending on your style, remove the light fixtures mechanics on each arm, keeping the candle holder cups (this is where the solar lights will be attached).


Weatherproof by caulking over open areas (where the wire came out of the top and each light was removed). Allow caulk to dry.


Remove solar light from stakes and it’s time for spray paint. I chose an off-white paint to add a shabby chic element, don’t be afraid to try a sassy turquoise or sunshine yellow for an added pop of color! Hang chandelier outside and spray. Spray solar light caps as well. (Tip: Put caps in a box to spray for no-mess painting).


When dry, replace caps on each light. Glue light to each chandelier arm. (Tip: Put caps on lights before you glue on chandelier.) Allow glue to dry.


Add crystals and/or beads to your fixture. Remove tab on each light to activate. Hang and enjoy the glamourous glow during your next outdoor adventure – turning camping into glamping! Easy, portable, downright adorable and sure to make some very happy campers.


Adding an elegant touch to your outdoor space


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