Laugh with Lyndy: Handle Up

By Lyndy Phillips


A couple of years ago I flew to Augusta, Georgia for a speaking engagement. I arrived to DFW airport and sat at the gate, waiting to board my flight. About 30 minutes before we were boarded, they announced the flight had been


I approached the ticket counter and asked if they could get me to Augusta on another flight. One was located but it was scheduled to leave in 20 minutes…on another airline…in another terminal and only to Atlanta. I would then have to rent a car and drive to Augusta. I said, “I’ll take it!”


Next, I inquired about my luggage and was reassured it would be transferred, arriving safely in
Atlanta. I was off and running through DFW airport (like OJ Simpson in the old Hertz
commercials) to catch my new flight.


I made it and was on my way to Atlanta. Whew! Thank you, Jesus!
After landing in Atlanta, I raced to rent a car and then to baggage claim for
my luggage. Yep, you guessed it – no luggage. It was never loaded on the plane in Dallas. In fact, it was still in Dallas. I didn’t have time to argue as I had to be in Augusta to speak in 2.5 hours.


While driving, I called the airline luggage customer service to speak with a representative about
getting my luggage delivered to my hotel in Augusta. A wonderful lady answered and I explained
my situation. She informed me that their airline didn’t fly to Augusta but my luggage was on a
flight to Atlanta. I informed her that I needed my luggage delivered to my hotel room, that night,
in Augusta. Again, she politely said they didn’t fly to Augusta and I’d have to retrieve it in Atlanta.


Finally, after going back and forth and realizing I wasn’t getting anywhere, I decided to have
a little fun with the whole ordeal. I said, “Ma’am, I REALLY need my luggage tonight. I have some medication in it.” The lady’s tone immediately changed and she said, “Oh sir. What kind medication? Heart pills? Diabetes?”
I said, “No. Viagra.”


Silence. Long silence. Really long silence.


Then followed the loudest outburst of laughter I’ve ever heard over the phone. I told her I was joking and she said that was the best thing she’s heard in years. We laughed a bit more and told each to have a good evening and said our goodbyes.


I made it to Augusta just in time to take the stage. It went very well and the audience
was wonderful. Later that evening in my hotel room around 11:00 p.m., I heard a knock at my door. Answering the door, I noticed no one was around. But there, in the doorway, was my luggage. Just my luggage.


A big thank you to the wonderful lady with a great sense of humor.


And guess what…the handle was up!


Until next laugh,