Fresh Perspectives: Globe Trotters

By Ellen Miller



I’m sentimental and save things, probably too many things. The spring cleaning bug bit me recently and I discovered a stash of too many maps from our past travels. No, I will not disclose their age, but am proud to report the majority of them are not quite considered vintage…yet! Time to create an easy, fun and inexpensive Fresh Perspective for these travel treasures.





Create your own:

  • Paper maps of your travels
  • Styrofoam balls in assorted sizes
  • Waterbased glue product for decoupage
  • Small brush, sponge or bristle
  • Clear spray sealer, if desired






  1. Cut map into ½” strips about half the circumference of your ball.
  2. Cut out the destination name of the map.
  3. Apply a heavy layer of decoupage glue to the ball in sections and begin adding strips, overlapping slightly from one to the next. Work all the way around and fill in where needed, adding glue on top of the strips as you go. Hint: I found using your fingers works best. Very therapeutic! Smooth each strip as much as possible. I recommend keeping a wet cloth nearby to wipe fingers as needed.
  4. Place destination label on top of strips and cover with glue.
  5. Let dry and coat with a final layer of glue, if desired, or spray with clear sealer.
  6. Display and enjoy the memories. Safe travels!


Tip: There are many ways to display your globe trotters but try inserting three oversized pins in the bottom for a stand to showcase your artistic creation.




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