Bookspiration: A Man Called Ove

By Rebekah Bachman


As November and December approach, the associated holidays seem to bring a level of activity and expectations that are unmatched during any other time of the year. Our to-do lists are long and our tasks seem endless as we prepare for the final six weeks of the year. In the midst of holiday preparations, take a moment to sneak away and enjoy A Man Called Ove.


This thoughtful novel is about a curmudgeonly old man, the unreliability of first impressions and a gentle reminder of how “family” can be defined in so many ways. For some, family is limited to those with whom ancestors are shared. But for others, family includes those who don’t share a single molecule of DNA. To choose, or be chosen as, a family member—whether with or without inherited genes—is one of the most enriching and fulfilling experiences of life. The story of Ove and his well-ordered, solitary world will make you laugh out loud and perhaps shed a tear or two. As you find yourself turning the final page, you’ll be thankful for the time spent away from the hustling and hubbub. This cast of characters will prompt you to smile, while thinking of your own collected clan that will soon be gathered around your holiday table.


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