Bookspiration: My Favorite Book

By Rebekah Bachman


I’ve always wanted to use Miss Manner’s phraseology and this seems like a great opportunity. I’m neither a literary expert nor a professional writer, but I am a reader. Like most who classify themselves as such, I enjoy sharing books which have inspired me with others. I’m pleased to share with you what I call “His ‘n’ Her Favorites.”


“What’s your favorite book?”


This question was posed to me not so long ago and as I pondered all the books I’ve read, my thoughts kept returning to the first book I remember making a lasting impression upon me – “Anne of Green Gables.” Her spunkiness, her sometimes too direct responses and her request, “If you call me Anne, please call me Anne with an ‘e’.” perhaps contributed to my own “Hi, I’m Rebekah. Please don’t call me Becky,” introduction.

I posed this same question to my husband who promptly responded with “My Side of the Mountain.” The independence and resourcefulness of young Sam, along with his connection to animals and nature, reminds me so much of my husband. I can’t help but wonder if he, too, was shaped by his time spent with the book’s characters, Sam, Frightful and Barometer.


These are both wonderful books. Whether reading for the first time or re-reading them as a more modernly mature version of yourself, you won’t be disappointed. May I urge you to buy one of each to enjoy and then pass along to a young person in your life? We never know which seeds may sprout and if a love of reading grows, you’ve definitely made someone better.


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