Two Cents Worth-Organize for Spring

By Kayla Jean Woods

It’s spring time and that means time for spring cleaning and organizing. Here are five ways to declutter your home and get organized.

1. Family Charging Station
Can’t keep up with your phone’s charger? Always losing the cord for your iPad? Set up a charging station for all your family’s electronic devices.
Four-port USB charger
Open wood organizer
Drill holes in the bottom of the wood organizer big enough for the end or your charger to fit through.
Cut four circles in the felt and glue them on the bottom of the organizer in each corner.
Run the cords through the holes you cut and plug them into the USB charger.
Plug the charger in and you are all set.

2. Cork Jewelry Organizer
Have a lot of necklaces that keep getting tangled up? Or can’t find an earring at the bottom of your jewelry box? Try this fun way of organizing them.
39 Corks
11×14 Picture Frame
11×14 Cardboard Piece
12×15 Burlap
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Razor Blade
Sharp Knife and Cutting Board
Soak your corks in water for approximately 10 minutes.
Cover the cardboard piece with the burlap. Use the hot glue to secure the edges of the burlap right to the back of the cardboard piece. Insert and secure the burlap-covered cardboard into the picture frame.
Take a cork and score around it lengthwise with the razor blade.
Use a sharp knife to slice the corks in half, using your score line as a guide. Repeat the last step until 24 of the corks have been cut in half.
Using the hot glue gun, glue the halved corks to the burlap. You should have 48 halves. The rows will not line up perfectly, as not all corks are exactly the same size. You can lay out your corks first and get an idea of placement.
Cut five corks into thirds and glue the disks in a chevron pattern underneath the cork halves.
Take three whole corks and glue them about an inch below the disks.
Under that, at the very bottom edge of the frame glue eight more whole corks. If you have a lot of chunky necklaces, you may want to do fewer corks on the bottom edge.
Hang and put all your jewelry on the organizer.

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