BriMyselfAndEye-Brush Basics

By Brianna Jackson
Freelance Makeup Artist

They say an artist is only as good as his or her tools.
It does not matter if you’re using high-end or drugstore makeup, without the tools and basics skills to use them, your makeup game won’t be at its fullest potential.
Here is a summary of my most used brushes and how to use them.Happy learning.
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Tapered Blending Brush (Sigma E40)
• What’s It For: Perfect for your soft blending, crease, base & transition eyeshadows! • How To Use It: Generously dip into your base eyeshadow and sweep across eyelids from brow bone to waterline in windshield wiper motions for a soft and blended look.
Tapered Blending Brush (Sigma E35)
• What’s It For:Great for more defined but still soft and blended eyeshadows!
• How To Use It: Sweep a mid-tone eyeshadow into crease of eye for a defined but soft eyeshadow application.
Blending Brush
(Sigma E25)
• What’s It For:Wonderful for a controlled blending and the added density offers more control and precision!
• How To Use It: With a darker shadow, precisely blend on the crease, inner, or outer-v of the eyelid.
Brow Brush + Spoolie (Anastasia #20 Brush
+ Spoolie)
• What’s It For:Vital for using crème or powder eyebrow products and smoothing out harsh lines.
• How To Use It: Start by sweeping a spoolie through your brows to shape them how you wish. Next, dip the brush end into a brow powder or pomade. Beginning with the tail use light brush strokes towards your inner brow. Lastly, use the spoolie, again, to blend out any harsh strokes to give a more of a natural look.
Flat Shader Brush
(M.A.C. 242)
• What’s It For: Ideal for powders, pigments, crème, or liquid eyeshadows!
• How To Use It: Using a dry or slightly dampened flat shader brush, dip into pigment or high intensity eyeshadow and pack onto the lid of eye.
Pencil Brush (Sigma E30)
• What’s It For: A must-have for smoking out and blending deeper shades
• How To Use It: Pick up a deeper/darker eyeshadow and precisely pack onto outer-v, lower lash line, or waterline of eyes.
Once shadow has been placed gently, sweep shadow until harsh lines are nicely blended.
• Pro-Tip: Remember, wherever you first touch your brush to your eyelids, will be the darkess, so be strategic with darker eyeshadows.
Eyeliner Brush
(Sigma E05)
• What’s It For:Essential for using gel or liquid eyeliners.
• How To Use It: Lightly dip into a gel/liquid eyeliner and slowly and cautiously line the waterline, lower lash line, and sweep towards the tail of your eyebrow for a wing.

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