Blooms, Birds & Butterflies-Recycling and Repurposing

By Norman Winter
Director of Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

Recycling is popular in today’s society, but the idea rarely conjures up visions of beauty. Over the years however I have had the opportunity to see how some great gardeners have recycled old items or those destined for the burn pile to create some most picturesque gardens. No doubt some of these items are in your attic, garage or storage shed right now. Guess what, they are in my attic too.
I would like to start from the ground up. We are blessed to live in a state that has a sizeable cotton industry. After those fluffy white cotton balls have been processed the gin leaves behind piles of black gold. Some people call it gin trash, but trash it isn’t; recyclable it is — and organic-rich, too. I have long treasured this composted cotton burr product and have seen firsthand how plants thrive when it becomes an integral part of soil preparation.

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