2nd Time Around-Trunk Dog Bed

Tools you will need:
Box cutter
Chalk paint and brushes
Measuring tape

• Find a trunk you like.
• Remove the top.
• Measure for the opening.
• Cut out the opening.
• Frame the opening.
• Drill holes for the legs.
• Attach the legs to the bottom of the trunk.
• Now you are ready to paint.
• You will need two coats of paint and let dry.
• Sand in places where you like to give the buffett a rustic and worn look.
• Let this sit for 24 hours. Then you will apply your wax and put two coats of wax on top to make sure it is sealed properly.
• Take some material and make a pillow.
• Be sure to seal the paint.
• Decorate the outside.
• Put the pillow in the trunk and your dog has a new bed they will love.

Project by Julie Parker, owner of Julie’s Treasure Trove, 702 E. Wise, Bowie