2nd Time Around-Farm Table

Tools you will need:
Measuring tape
Chalk paint and brushes
Wax and wax brushes

• Decide how big a table you would like.
• You will need 2x4s and four legs of your choosing.
• You can take an existing from or make your own.
• Build your frame and attach the legs
• Cut your boards for the top.
• Attached the top to the frame.
• Paint with chalk paint.
• You will need two coats of paint and let dry.
• Sand in places where you like to give the table a rustic and worn look.
• Let this sit for 24 hours. Then you will apply your wax and put two coats of wax on top to make sure it is properly sealed.

Project by Julie Parker, owner of Julie’s Treasure Trove, 702 E. Wise, Bowie