• Health & Wellness

    Travel Fitness: Quick, Effective Workouts

    You have your summer vacation booked, itinerary planned out, and you’re anxiously awaiting the moment you hit the road for some much-needed fun. However, you are quite aware travel means lots of good food and [...]
  • Home & Garden

    Delightful Outdoor Spaces

    By Kassie Pounds Ahhh, the warmer months of the year have arrived, when everyone spends as much time as they can outdoors. Every year, I dream that this will be the year we make our [...]
  • Home & Garden

    Intensia Means Fabulous Phlox Until Fall

    By Norman Winter, Horticulturist, Author, and Speaker | Facebook @NormanWinterTheGarden Guy On more than one occasion I have been guilty of warning gardeners the perils of being out phloxed by their neighbors. If this happens [...]
  • Features

    Traveling in 2021

    Summer is here and with it comes the longing to break free of that Monday through Friday work routine and travel the world, particularly after 2020 stopped almost all travel as COVID-19 drastically changed lives. [...]
  • Features

    Parting Shot: A Sample of Beauty

    Well it’s this time of year, when the Bald Eagles come down south to give us here in Texas a sample of their beauty. So keep your eyes open, it’s not always a buzzard. (Photo [...]
  • Giving Back

    Joyful Moments

    By Annalysa Elledge After the tragic loss of their daughter, Olivia, in 2017, the Murphy family began navigating a difficult and unfamiliar road. In the midst of heartbreak and healing they found themselves remembering their [...]
  • Food & Drink

    Zucchini Lasagna: Put your garden vegetables to good use

    Ingredients:20 ounces zucchini1 pound ground beef1.5 cups shredded mozzarella cheese¾ cup grated parmesan cheese1 can tomato sauce1 tablespoon dried oregano1 teaspoon salt¼ teaspoon cayenne1 cup chopped onion Instructions: Preheat oven to 375 F.Brown ground beef [...]
  • Arts & Culture

    Must Have Media

    Country Music AwardsTune in to the 2021 Academy of Country Music Awards at 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 18 on CBS. Also known as the ACM Awards, the Academy first conducted the event in 1966 [...]
  • Health & Wellness

    How to find time for fitness

    By Metro Creative Many adults admit to having little or no time to exercise, and statistics support the notion that men and women simply aren’t exercising enough. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, [...]
  • Home & Garden

    Perk Up Your Porch

    By Kassie Pounds With warmer weather arriving, it’s probably safe to say we all start thinking of being outdoors more. Our old house has a quaint covered porch that I love, but we had never [...]
  • Tee Time with Tom

    Tom’s Tip: The ‘Rake Drill’your

    By Tom Ward | www.teetimewithtom.com If the people you play golf with call you ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ because you spend so much time in the sand trap we need to talk. I’ve got a foolproof [...]
  • Features

    An Adventure In Chocolate

    By Donna Long Wine and chocolate. Two of my favorite food groups, and yes, some things just deserve to have their own grouping. Fabulous on their own, but incredibly superb when paired together. A port [...]
  • Food & Drink

    Understanding Bordeaux Offers Deep Enjoyment

    By Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr With temperatures somewhat chilly as the winter season comes to an agonizingly slow end, there’s still time to haul out some of the older red wines from Bordeaux and [...]
  • Carefree Companions

    Unleashed: Meet Goose

    Goose is four years old and weighs a whopping 98 pounds, but he thinks he is a lap dog. He loves to retrieve his ball and ride in his owner’s mule around their lake property. [...]